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As seen in the Financial Review, Woman's Day, The Age and on Today Tonight!

How to save up to 22% off the retail price of a NEW MAZDA and get it delivered to your door... without haggling with pushy salesmen at the car dealership!

Find out how much you can save on a new Mazda!

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*To approved purchasers only. Based on initial finance amount of manufacturer RRP plus on-road costs less estimated discount on a 5 year payment schedule with 30% residual. Assuming an interest rate of 6.99%.

As seen in the Financial Review, Woman's Day, The Age and on Today Tonight!

How to save up to 22% off the retail price of a NEW MAZDA and get it delivered to your door... without haggling with pushy salesmen at the car dealership!

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Because you deserve extra savings, peace of mind & comfort

When you choose Private Fleet When you buy directly from the car dealer
Quotes from multiple dealers across Australia
Test drive at home or office
Delivery to your door
Full tank of fuel
Special bulk discounts (Since we buy more than 2000 cars every year we get special discounts which dealers can't offer you)

You could be driving away in a NEW MAZDA today! What are you waiting for?

Since 1999, our company - Private Fleet has helped more than 25,000 Australians save money on new and demo vehicles (whether passenger vehicles like hatchbacks and SUVs to light commercials such as utes and vans) using the power of Fleet Buying. Quite simply, we buy more than 2,000 cars a year.

And because of the volume of sales, dealers offer car buyers who use our free service, special discounts they simply can't (and won't) offer private car buyers who buy one car every five years. Between July 2017 through to June 2018, using our Fleet Buying technique, we saved private car buyers a total of approx $11 million dollars. This was the total on around 2,800 cars meaning an average saving of around $3,900 over the 2018 Financial Year.

Now, in 2022, you can do the same on the pricing of the following Mazda models.

How we can help you save thousands on your new Mazda

Three reasons Fleet Buying will work for you


Your savings are 100% guaranteed you get a great discount

A sale through Private Fleet costs the car dealer less money, because they don't have to pay advertising costs, commissions and physical overheads. That means they can afford lower margins, which means they can afford to offer you better prices than they can on an ordinary car sale including runout and clearance event deals.

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We're 100% independent - so you only get the best deal

When you place your order through, we give several dealers the opportunity to quote. And the Mazda dealers know in order to win the tenders they have to give the very best prices. (And that price includes dropping the car off at your door with a full tank of fuel.) Because we simply give the business to the dealer that offers you the best deal on the car you want.

free service

The service is 100% free - you don't pay a cent

We do all the work for you... We can organise a test-drive to compare models, get you a quote, negotiate the driveaway pricing (whether paying cash or lease) and extras and handle all the paperwork - but you don't pay a cent for the service.The dealer who gives you the best price pays us a referral fee.

More than 25,000 Australians have saved money using the Private Fleet service

Customer reviews? Here's what a few of our past clients have to say about how the Private Fleet service worked for them.

  • "I have recently purchased a new Mazda BT50 4WD through Private Fleet and the dealership they chose which was Geelong Mazda. I have been absolutely thrilled with the service (and dollars saved !!) I received from both. I would not hesitate to recommend Private Fleet to anyone considering buying a new vehicle."

    Mike Bongard
    5 years ago
  • "We purchased a new Mazda CX9 – we tried the dealers in our local area, their ‘sale’ price seemed to be nothing short of the RRP/current deal on offer on the Mazda website. We had actually used Private Fleet years earlier, so went back and they were able to negotiate a great price for the car and the accessories. Even though Private Fleet don’t have an Agent in the ACT, the dealer from Sydney organised to get the car here and waited with us at the RTA to transfer ownership and pay for rego. Very pleased with our purchase."

    Michael Wells
    4 years ago
  • "We recently purchased a new Mazda BT-50. We googled car brokers and came across Private Fleet. Our experience from the first phone call far exceeded our expectations. We were initially sceptical about what they could offer us, but their responsiveness, their negotiating power and their service delivery was exceptional. Within a 24 hour period from the initial phone call we had received a price that we could not achieve ourselves and the vehicle was ordered - with all our requested options and delivered to us a week prior to the advised delivery date. Can't think of a reason not to use this service - it made the whole process stress free. We have already spread the word amongst our friends."

    Heather Scale
    4 years ago
  • "Bought a car (Mazda 2) through Private Fleet and they were very good. Unlike the dealers I visited beforehand, there was no sales pressure - they came back with prices throughout the day and the final price was over $500 better than my local dealer. Only negatives with the whole experience was that the car was a week late but to be fair that would have happened wherever I ordered it. It was also missing the floor mats I'd ordered but these were promptly couriered to me when I called the office to tell them the oversight."

    Daniel Dos Santos
    4 days ago
  • "We bought the Mazda 2 from Private Fleet. Although Private Fleet was in Sydney (and we stay in Canberra), we got a good deal and the car was delivered to Canberra. We just picked up the car from Rolfe Mazda in Belconnen this morning. Everything went through smoothly. Very happy with the service. Very good and professional team and the consultant at Belconnen was most helpful and friendly too."

    D L
    a month ago
  • "I purchased a Mazda CX5 GT through Private Fleet; this was the first time I had used a service like this after stumbling across Private Fleet on the internet. I must say this is the best service, it has taken all the stress away from a new vehicle purchase and resulted in several thousands of dollars of savings in the process. I have already recommended this service to others and will definitely be using this service in the future. ***Well done Private Fleet*** ."

    Ricky Richards
    5 years ago

What have you got to lose?
The service is 100% free.

You can get a quote with no obligation to buy - that means you don t have to accept the offer we get for you. You're still free to shop around the dealerships for prices and finance deals on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Will This Save Me Money?

    In short, we buy thousands of cars every year. This buying power and great relationships with dealers (some have worked with us for close to 20 years) gives us the capacity to negotiate far better pricing than an individual doing it themselves. Our unique tender process creates a competitive environment where multiple fleet managers (not retail salespeople) fight it out to win your business. If that’s not all, we’ve got a Price Match Guarantee to set your mind at ease.

  • What’s The Process If I Engage?

    The first step is a quick phone call to discuss your requirements…. This generally takes around 10 minutes or so depending on the complexity (note: buying a car is always more complicated than you first think… especially if you do the right thing and consider all the factors). Once we’ve gotten a clear idea of options, we’ll then put the details out to tender amongst our dealers. As the dealers come back with prices, delivery dates and other information, we’ll let you know. Once we’ve completed that process, if you’d like to proceed, we’ll then order the car on your behalf.

  • Am I Obliged To Go Ahead With You?

    Absolutely not. There’s no cost, nor obligation to get in touch with questions or even once a tender process has been kicked off. However, it’s important that we only engage our dealers when the business is truly there to be won (that’s one of the reasons they give us such good pricing) so if you’re not planning on buying, have already bought or are just trying to get a price to use for your own negotiations, then we may respectfully decline to source pricing. If, however, you are prepared to go ahead if we can find the car, save you serious money and have it delivered to your door, then we look forward to hearing from you!

  • I’m Still Unsure - It’s Such A Big Purchase!

    We understand. Having sourced cars for over 45,000 Australians over nearly 20 years, we recognise what a big deal this is. That’s why we’re about putting the power back to you, the buyer. We’ve got our process (pricing & delivery) fine-tuned for simplicity, efficiency and exceptional customer service. Above all we’re human beings, always available for a chat and listen to any concerns so, if you’re still not sure whether we can indeed help, just pick up the phone and give us a call – 1300 303 181.

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